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Project team:

1. Paolo Galantini (Team Leader)

2. Silvia Ancilotti

3. Marco Biondi

4. Anna Maria Ochalek

5. Erika Ziaco

For some time now the studio has been dealing with household equipment that can be used, directly and in full autonomy, by disabled users, as we are fully convinced that this independent and autonomous use is of fundamental importance for people who have had bad luck. to be born or become disabled, due to accidents or for reasons of age or illness.

Having said all this, we have approached the problem of cooking; years of attending the Salone del Mobile in Milan have made us aware of seeing beautiful kitchens with top-level finishes and technologies but none accessible to the disabled.

Making these furnishing elements directly accessible to everyone was one of the fundamental objectives of our research for us.

After years of complete absence of dealing with the problem, while we were already proposing functional solutions to kitchen companies, doing research on the internet we saw the first sporadic hypotheses of kitchens accessible to the disabled, which solved the problem from the point of view of use but not that of the aesthetic result, although we are convinced that some important kitchen companies on request have addressed the problem but have not given public vision of it.

Thus was born the idea of MODO, our kitchen that is elegant and at the same time usable by this category of users.

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