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Project team:

1. Paolo Galantini (Team Leader)

2. Marco Biondi

3. Ceren Buyukpinar

4. Alessandra Gorgoroni

5. Danila La Rocca

6. Hulya Yilmazyiloirim


In order to redevelope the market area it was deemed appropriate to remove the existing structures and replace them with other prefabricated ones. The project was conceived with strongly characteristic elements that give a strong imprint. The new layout of the area is characterized by avenues that define various commercial areas. Customers enter via the existing access located in via Partaccia where the existing car park is located, a second access for users traveling by bicycle is provided in via Partaccia, near the existing roundabout, while the third access, designed specifically for campsite customers, is located on the road adjacent to the campsite. The new sales boxes are organized in courtyards overlooking a main avenue, 6 areas have been defined. Each area is made up of some sales boxes covered by a separate structure, the center of each area is defined by a seat. The area in the center of the session is characterized in different ways, in fact for areas 1, 2, 4 and 5 there are flower beds, in zone 3 there is a play area while in area 6 there is a space dedicated to activities of catering. The new structures are obtained from the reuse of containers, this choice is justified by the desire to propose a project with low environmental impact, in fact the idea of using naval containers represents an excellent solution in terms of respect for the environment, energy efficiency, versatility, ease and speed of execution and cost containment. The container is cut to size, in order to obtain the necessary openings, the base is made up of the steel frame of the container on which the insulation (polyurethane) is sprayed and the floor is placed on this. The electrical and water systems are placed between the wall of the container and the internal insulation layer, the roof is made up of corrugated sheet metal and a supporting structure on which the insulation layer and the finishing layer rest. The external colors can be chosen in various shades. The coverage of the areas consists of a structure in itself. The shape of the roof recalls a wave and is made up of a curved structure in wood and steel, the load-bearing structure is made up of pillars and steel beams, the laminated wood plank rests on the beams, the waterproofing and the coverage in Canadian shingles, having a hexagonal shape and with self-adhesive strips in order to adapt to the shape of the coverage, is placed on the wooden surface, the finish chosen in this phase is grey.

The pavement of the square is made with recycled stone material, this material is available in different finishes, in this phase three colors have been chosen: white, gray and black, these are organized in irregular square shapes of large format. This material is long-lasting, easy to maintain and is also suitable for vehicles, therefore it is also expected to be used for avenues, which can be traveled by both pedestrians, during public access hours, and by vendor vehicles.


The area of the former finance office is located in a central area of the city of Massa, between via Europa, via Turati and via Sforza, it is currently used as a parking lot but, since its position is central, it is advisable to redevelop it so that it can serve as a new attractive pole for the city centre.

Therefore the project is based on the definition of a space with new functions, the transformation of the area into a new urban park, in which an area will be equipped for carrying out open-air shows (both with a stage and a screen), was considered appropriate, and an underground car park with eighty parking spaces is planned to meet the need for parking. The new surface park is organized in such a way as to exploit the existing access in via Turati, in this way the existing trees are maintained, in addition two other entrances are located along via Europa. The parking system has been organized so that on the surface there are stalls for users with disabilities, for motorcycles, bicycles and scooters, while the underground car park is dedicated to cars in general. The underground car park extends below the urban park, with the exception of the area below the cinema, and the perimeter wall of the car park is set back in order to protect the existing trees. Access to and exit from the underground car park takes place along via Europa, eighty parking spaces have been created, two of which are reserved for users with disabilities, pedestrians can reach the park via the stairs and the lift. The stairwell is located in a central area of the park so as to be easily accessible from any access. The new park is characterized by flowerbeds that draw square motifs and are interspersed with areas with stone paving with geometric motifs, the subdivision into rectangles is also underlined by the flowerbeds, and there are also areas with turf, with herbaceous plants and wild flowers, instead for the tree-lined avenues the essences proposed are lindens and maple trees. A kiosk bar is located near the entrance on via Europa, also in this case it is planned to use a recovery container for the structure of the kiosk. Instead, the area which is dedicated to shows is characterized by geometric patterned flooring and street furniture, in fact, even in this case, the use of seats with integrated LED lighting is envisaged.


The Pomario Ducale area is located in a semi-central area of the city of Massa, this area has a high historical value, however it is currently in a state of neglect. The solution to this situation could be the definition of new functions that lead citizens to frequent this area. The functions that could attract more users are sports, therefore, since the area is characterized by the availability of large spaces, it was decided to allocate part of this area to sports activities, building a soccer field, a basketball field and a skate park. Also in this case there is a kiosk bar, the structure of which is made up of a recycling container. In order to encourage the presence of other types of users, a small part of the area has been set aside for exhibitions or temporary exhibitions. The green system is reviewed in a very linear way, in fact the planned interventions are essentially the creation of a new turf and the planting of new linden, maple and holm oak trees. The main access to the area is located along via del Pomario, a secondary access has been created along via Venturini. In order to enhance the presence of the walls, the project includes the realisation of an avenue that leads visitors to the vicinity of this valuable element, this could be used in the future for new revaluation activities of the existing one.


Particular attention has been paid to the removal of architectural barriers, in fact there are no steps in any area, the stairwell designed in the area of the former Revenue Office is equipped with a lift for the weakest categories of users. Furthermore, the materials chosen for the various floors are suitable for use by users who use mobility aids, and the avenues defined for the various areas have widths suitable for the easy passage of disabled users.


In this phase, particular attention was paid to the seating system, in fact backlit benches were chosen for installation in various areas. In the market area the seats are made of wood and define triangular spaces, in some cases they are integrated with flower beds. In the area of the former Finance Office, the seats are in stone covered with backlit wooden slats.


Public lighting is essential to ensure both the usability and safety of these public spaces. The area of the Partaccia market will be illuminated by lampposts, in particular the purely commercial areas will be illuminated by lamps integrated into the roof, the avenues and entrances will also be illuminated. The area of the former Revenue Agency will be illuminated by lampposts suitable for outdoor use, while the underlying parking area will have to be illuminated in such a way as to guarantee the necessary safety requirements. The Pomario Ducale area will be illuminated in order to allow the use of sports spaces even at night, and lampposts will be installed along the pedestrian avenues in order to guarantee the safety of users.

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