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Place: Naples

The redevelopment project envisages the enhancement of the square with the creation of a versatile area, accessible and usable by all. Using essential and discreet elements and materials we have tried to highlight the nature of an intimate and introverted square, making it a lively and recognizable space.

The area that is going to be created becomes a place for a new vitality of the surroundings, suitable for stopping, walking, chatting, making an appointment and where to organize the outdoor spaces of the commercial activities that exist in the area. Furthermore, the square was conceived as a scenographic space where to set up contemporary art installations and attend small shows. The square is composed of a few essential elements of furniture, the wooden flooring, the seats, the screening of the waste containers, the corten steel planter for the trees, which emphasize the domestic character of the area, as if to make it an urban living room. .

At the same time as the redevelopment of the space on the ground, the aesthetic restoration of the facades of the buildings is desirable, as the façades of the buildings are to be considered an integral part of the square.


The intervention consists in the creation of an almost square-shaped platform with ipe wood slats, aimed at correcting the natural unevenness of the square, and conceived as a skin that comes from the existing flooring and overlaps it, like a natural coating.

This element is clearly recognizable as a new intervention, both from the point of view of the material and of the structure, but at the same time it relates to the history of the place and its suggestions, not entering into conflict but integrating with it and enhancing it.

The choice of wood fits into the surrounding stone nature, evoking a private and intimate suggestion.

The platform is therefore not introduced as an irreversible modification but as a flexible and light overlay.

The seat comes from the flooring itself as its natural extension, wrapping the corten steel structure, created for planting trees. The absence of vegetation leads to the insertion of a corten steel planter and the planting of 3 fruit trees to create a private and intimate urban green space: 2 Citrus aurantium (orange), 1 Citrus limon (lemon).

The wooden slats are placed on structural wooden panels which in turn are supported by a steel structure resting on the existing historical flooring, and fixed in four points with the removal of 4 stone slabs, which are in any case reused. The individual panels can be easily removed to clean the spaces below and to allow access to the lighting systems. The platform will be able to accommodate the merchandise display of the commercial activities that insist on the area.



The sidewalk in front of the market will be rebuilt and the one facing the sanitary facility will be enlarged, using the existing curbs, recovering the stones and creating the new paving in Vesuvian lava stone slabs with small grooves, to highlight and make the new one identifiable. material. The curb in front of the sanitary facility will be made with recycled material, repositioning the existing elements.

The sidewalks, where possible, will be made coplanar. The walking surface of the platform will be at the same level as the two sidewalks.

Waste container shielding

The construction of a slatted shield is foreseen to mitigate the visual impact of the waste containers.

The teak wood screen consists of a series of doors with opening doors, to allow direct access to the bins by users and ecological operators during the collection phase.

The structure is divided into 6 spaces sized to each house a waste container and to allow its correct extraction.

Based on the next activation of separate waste collection, the space allocated to the quantity of containers has been reduced to 50%, by inserting two planters at the ends of the screen, with climbing vegetation. If necessary, 2 other waste containers can also be placed at the ends.

Furthermore, the construction of a plastic support is foreseen for the regularization of the slope of the existing pavement, obtaining wide horizontal steps on which to insert the waste containers.


Analyzing the current situation of the square, the lighting is inadequate especially in the center of the area. Current street lamps effectively illuminate only the areas close to the building facades.

Following this analysis, a new night lighting project is expected to comply with current regulatory provisions in terms of light pollution, capable of correctly illuminating the entire area with a diffused and warm light; moreover, a luminous line along the perimeter of the platform gives a suggestive luminous halo together with the spotlights that project concentrated beams under the trees.

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