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Place: New York


Peace movements in New York have been constantly associated with the building at 399 Lafayette Street. The frame of the facade is preserved as a reminder of the history of activism generated within the building. The opposition between Peace and War is suggested by the insertion of two distinct volumes: they present contrasting external cladding materials with corresponding different internal functions; There is also a central light box containing the stairs, which allows visual continuity between all floors. From inside the building there is a panoramic view towards the outside; this allows you to maintain close contact with the city. The ground floor represents the idealized continuity of the street outside: inviting pedestrians to gather, discuss, enter or pour into the city. The top floor of the building also has a green space dedicated to public activities and which allows you to enjoy a splendid view of the city. The commercial spaces on the ground floor and downstairs are designed for reading a book, a newspaper, surfing the net, drinking a cup of coffee and discussing everyday life. The organization of the designed spaces is strongly characterized by flexibility, a feature that promotes interaction between people.



The Pentagon of Peace is an organism that produces and promotes natural and social energies. The building organizes HVAC and energy saving with both active and passive systems. Passive systems, achieved through the installation of green walls, provide for seasonal reductions in direct sunlight during recycling of the exhaust air. The main active system is a geothermal preheating / pre-cooling fluid system. Social is generated by the building through the use of its spaces. Spaces accessible to all visitors, enhanced working environments for tenants, earning potential and a green roof as a place to relax - all these elements allow the centre's mission to continue effectively.

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