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Project team:

1. Paolo Galantini

2. Riccardo Zurita

3. Roberto Maffei 

Location: Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York

The project creates a network of 5 interconnected cycle paths.
Each track identifies a characteristic path within the Red Hook district, going to differentiate in the colors in the spatiality and in the urban furnishings.
From the analysis of the site, the location proposed by the call for 
bicycle garage it is too far from the subway and disconnected from the Red Hook community. For this reason the project is divided into 2 phases; initially the garage is positioned in the dedicated site, proposing itself as a starting point for a redevelopment of the area; in a second phase the garage is moved adjacent to the Gowanus Canal. The new location is preferable as it favors an immediate development of the future Gowanus Canal Greenway, also providing access for people with disabilities to both the subway and the park below.
The transfer of the 
bicycle garage it is made possible as it is designed through the reuse of shipping containers. The containers, modular elements already present in the cultural background of the inhabitants of Red Hook, are modeled and assembled with principles of functionality and aesthetics, going to fulfill the function of bicycle garage and accessory functions such as workshop, cybercafé etc.

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