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Project team:

1. Paolo Galantini (Team Leader)

2. Silvia Ancilotti 

3. Alessandra Gorgoroni

4. Federica Guastalla 

5. Erika Ziaco

6. Enrica Zonta

Location: Val di Lago, Viterbo

The project we have carried out is located in Val di Lago on the Via Francigena road is an ancient pilgrimage route and pilgrimage route running from Canterbury in England, through France and Switzerland, to Rome and Puglia, in southern Italy, where there was the embarkation for the Holy Land.
Located next to the lot, the beating heart of our project is the church, in fact we want to make it stand out, despite the fact that around it there is a very wide green space and two very low buildings to reflect the church. The church we rebuilt by making wood and glass to illuminate the interior of the church, the arrangement inside the church:  
the church is divided into two parts where there is the area that is used for the celebration of mass or prayer and the upper part for concerts.

Next to the church we find auditorium, in its structure that is shown very modern and refined, the material that is used takes up the project of the church roof, wood and glass, which makes the complex very elegant and shell-shaped. its operation is suitable for 
events such as conferences, meetings, concerts and films.
Continuing the route we find the guesthouse where pilgrims stay, suitable for 10 people. the lard made from three blocks:
the first block in the center is the kitchen and a common dining room which is located on two levels, while the two blocks on the side are arranged a collective room which is located on the ground floor and on the first floor there are the dormitories. the structure is constructed of wood and glass which echoes both the auditorium and the roof of the church.  
We find in front of these three buildings a free space that has a certain importance from a community and landscape point of view.  

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