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1. Paolo Galantini (Tam leader)

2. Silvia Ancilotti

3. Marco Biondi

4. Anna Maria Ochalek

5. Erika Ziaco

UNDER THE CRUST is an unusual steakhouse in the rock inspired by the prehistoric "lifestyle". It is located between the lake and the forest. The main goal of the project was to combine the passion for perfect steaks with the atmosphere of a dark cave and the original form of the architecture delicately woven into the landscape.

THE RESTAURANT is also a modern interpretation of the Paleolithic "cuisine" of cavemen. One of the basic equipment of the "house" consisted of a place near the fire, which provided warmth and safety. Considering this assumption, a table with a fireplace has been placed in the center of the pre-steak-house where the meal is prepared in the traditional way.

THE STEAK-PRE-HOUSE has no driveway, gate or door. The space is open to everyone at any time of day or night. This futuristic idea of restaurant space has been divided into four zones:

  • meal preparation area - available for chefs and employees only. Here, with the help of primitive tools (perfectly shaped stones), steaks are prepared which are then delivered to the guest;

  • food area - two areas to choose a perfect place to have a meal (high tables - eat and go) or leather poufs to sit longer and enjoy a moment;

  • relaxation area - located near the lake upon entering the cave;

  • dance area - a place where concerts and games are organized.

The interior has a particular atmosphere. Thanks to it, every guest can feel like a CAVE MAN ...


The International Award “ARCHI_Cottura. Atelier for the domestic space. Between food architecture and design "had as its purpose the research and experimentation of innovative works, objects and environments related to the" domestic social space between food architecture and design ", with particular attention to sustainability, accessibility and containment of construction costs as well as energy consumption.

The Award was presented on October 18, 2019 at the Council Chamber of the Municipality of Castellammare del Golfo on the occasion of the International Study Meeting “ARCHI_Cottura. Atelier for the domestic space. Between food, architecture and design "with the participation of Italian and foreign speakers, belonging to various disciplinary sectors, who investigated this particular social space, deepening its identity aspects relating to its history, its architecture, design, social relationships that have characterized it, with particular reference to the characteristics that identify this space of aggregation starting from its appearance on earth up to the most advanced settlement societies (see "Proceedings of the International Meeting of Studies ARCHI_Cottura - Atelier for the domestic space. Between food , architecture and design ", De Giovanni, G. and Cusumano, S. 2020, edited by, Palermo University Press).

The "ARCHI_Cottura" International Award was announced by the "Francesco La Grassa" Architects in the Mediterranean Foundation of Trapani, by the Order of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservators of the Province of Trapani in collaboration with the National Sustainable Architecture Institute (INSA), the Municipality of Castellammare del Golfo and ARRITAL kitchens.

The Award was sponsored by:

  • National Council of Architects, PPC;

  • Regional Council of the Orders of Architects of Sicily;

  • Department of Architecture of ARCH in Palermo;

  • SACU (Architecture and Urban Culture Seminar) of Camerino;

  • ADI (Association for Industrial Design) - Delegation of Sicily

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