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Place: Pisa

The house consists of a single-family unit with a private garden, located in Porta a Lucca in a residential area.

It is a 70s building, completely renovated inside.

Distributed on three levels connected by two systems of stairs, the project is based on the flow of spaces, one in the other, in a continuous succession of multiple and articulated perspectives.

The entrance, the staircase, the dining room, the living room are, in fact, a single large space made up of several volumes, partially shielded by the load-bearing partitions, so as to form a complex spatial unit.

The staircase is conceived as an aerial path, not bound to a specific and limited place in the stairwell.

It is like a  continuous walk that starts from the entrance area, to intersect the lunch, pierce the partition wall and end to enter the double-height space, where the terminal section unfolds.

The ascending path ends in a distribution area of the sleeping area, with a strong curvilinear commutation.

The ascent path could not end by colliding with a fixed and visually immobile vertical plane. In this way it is therefore embraced, and ideally concluded, in a space with a sinuous articulation of convex and concave systems, which incorporate the doors of the rooms.

The steps of the staircase are in sandblasted plexiglass to give an effect of immaterial, and of“Aerial walk suspended in the void”.

The side wall at the last flight is also dematerialized in "Septum of light", made using glass fibers, assembled according to design, which are able to filter the light. Teak wood slats support the fiberglass.

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