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Silvia Ancilotti

Construction Engineer - Architect

She began to take an interest in architecture with an awareness of how space and the surrounding environment influence us. During her studies in Pisa, in Building Engineering-Architecture, she realizes the need to design spaces from the perspective of the people who inhabit them, spaces that bring people into closer contact with nature and its rhythms. She deepens her understanding of environmental and energy sustainability principles throughout her career, focusing on bioclimatic architectures and biophilic design. During her experience at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, she delves into topics related to building process management and BIM technology. She collaborates with the Municipality of Mistretta on the restoration of the historical heritage, designing the reuse of an abandoned neighborhood in the historic center with the idea of ​​bringing new life to places, stories, and cultures that might otherwise be lost. She sees architecture as a world in which to express creativity and passions such as photography, music, and art; as a means to improve the quality of life for people and alleviate social inequality.

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