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Project team:

1. Paolo Galantini (Team Leader)

2. Silvia Ancilotti

3. Marco Biondi

4. Anna Maria Ochalek

5. Erika Ziaco


Location: Tirrenia, Pisa

The intervention is located in one of the best known points of the Pisan seaside resort, namely along the stretch that connects Piazza Belvedere to the well-known panoramic terrace, so far devoid of pedestrian spaces as it is mainly occupied by stalls for two and four-wheeled vehicles.

The proposed goal is to enhance this environment through the provision of an accommodation that allows you to create a small square at the service of citizens, tourists and passers-by who want to enjoy the view of the sea in peace and safety.

In place of the double central row of parking lots, a new surface is therefore created, raised above the level of the driveway, which alternates green areas and pavements in a game of modular symmetries.

The planimetric structure is in fact characterized by the presence of grassy spaces, flower beds and low-stemmed trees marked by the regular geometric pattern that is the elementary matrix of the project.

Wanting to underline the close link between the town and the water element, a narrow water channel runs along its entire length, which flows into a large basin on the west side, equipped with jets and colored lights. On the opposite side, a particular sundial was installed, also symbolically linked to local history as with its design it explicitly recalls Tirrenia's cinematic past. In the center there is also a small rest area, built at such an altitude as to allow the transversal pedestrian crossing and equipped with lighting and seating.

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