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Place: Livorno

This renovation involved an apartment in the central area of Livorno. The internal layout of the state of affairs is the result of an outdated concept that divides the spaces into a rigid functional partition.

The project eliminated the articulated distribution that fragmented the use of the rooms and the perception of the living area. In addition, the restructuring has adapted the systems: the central body with an oval base, characterized as an intervention of architectural value, contains the boiler for heating and a closet. The two arms perpendicular to this central pillar, placed close to the ceiling, recall the idea of the beam, linking this element to the lateral structures. The functional usefulness is confirmed: the false beam houses the exhaust gas expulsion and ventilation system for the boiler, with recessed spotlights for lighting the rooms.

The pre-existing buildings, when unavoidable, were accepted: the boiler had an obligatory position and a restricted size to allow for the positioning of the living room steps.

The finishes help to define the new image: the doors with glossy lacquer, produced by a well-known furniture firm, create a strong architectural and aesthetic impact; the parquet, distributed throughout the room, favors the perception of a unitary space.

The objective therefore was to create an open environment and to favor its users  vision; its articulation is determined exclusively by the arrangement of the furnishings, already owned by the client. The spatial perception, therefore, does not make use of the use of furniture specially designed for the project: the organization of the environment is imposed without the help of furniture chosen according to it.

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